Cerebral Bugs

This page records known Cerebral issues and workarounds. For Cytoscape-specific bugs, please visit the Cytoscape bug tracker.

Known bugs

1. Network Overview: The network overview does not work.
2. Layout: After creating a layout in Cerebral, you cannot proceed directly to another layout - you must destroy your network view and recreate it before you can use another layout algorithm.
3. VizMapper - Edge Attributes: Edge labels are not supported.
4. VizMapper - Apply to Network: Changes will not immediately be applied when in VizMapper - you must click in the network window to make them appear.
5. Network - Edit title: Changing the network title will not be reflected in the renderer window. The change will appear the next time the window is opened.
6. Right click: External plugins that rely on right-clicking on a node or edge will not function.

Report a bug

To report a Cerebral bug, please email . Be sure to include the following information in your bug report:

  • A description of the system you are using
  • The Java version you are using
  • The Cytoscape version you are using
  • A detailed description of the bug you found, including the actions you performed leading up to the bug