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The Genome Canada Competition II FPMI Project has concluded. These pages will be maintained for archival purposes. For information on the Competition III Pathogenomics of Innate Immunite (PI2) Project, please visit www.pathogenomics.ca




A few selected links relevant to this project and pathogenomics...

Microarray Analysis

Genome Databases

Signal Transduction and Metabolic Networks

Identification of pathogenicity islands, virulence factors, and related comparative genome analysis

Prediction of Subcellular Localisation (SCL) of Proteins

Prediction of Possible Surface-Exposed Membrane Proteins:

Prediction of Secreted Proteins:

Homology or motif-based analyses tools

Nucleic Acid Pattern Search

Identification of Antigenic Sequences 

Human Polymorphisms Associated with Infectious Diseases

Promoters and Regulatory Motif analysis

Finding Sequences in Public Databases

Multiple Alignment Tools

Profile and HMM search Tools

Translate DNA and other basic tools

Structure Databases

Restriction Enzymes

Other Relevant Innate Immunity Research Group

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