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The Genome Canada Competition II FPMI Project has concluded. These pages will be maintained for archival purposes. For information on the Competition III Pathogenomics of Innate Immunite (PI2) Project, please visit www.pathogenomics.ca








Project Leaders:
Dr. Lorne Babiuk, FRSC, Director, Veterinary Infectious Diseases Organization (VIDO) at the University of Saskatchewan http://www.vido.org 

Dr. Bob Hancock, FRSC, OC, Director, Centre for Microbial Diseases Research (CMDR) at the University of BC

Research Directors:
Pathogenomics Dr. Brett Finlay, FRSC, Professor, UBC Biotechnology Laboratory, Vancouver, BC

Bioinformatics Dr. Fiona Brinkman, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University, Greater Vancouver, BC

Animal Models Dr. Andy Potter ,Associate Director (Research) of the Veterinary Infectious Diseases Organization (VIDO), Saskatoon, SK http://www.vido.org 
Dr. Philip Griebel, Senior Research Scientist and Head, Immunology Group, VIDO, Saskatoon, SK



Mr. John North, President and CEO, Inimex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Project Manager:
Dr. Paul Hodgson, FPMI, Genome Prairie, VIDO
Email: [email protected]

Project Coordinator:
Ms. Bernadette Mah, FPMI, Genome Prairie, UBC
Email: [email protected]

Research Organizations:
Vaccine & Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO)

Located within the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, VIDO is an internationally-acclaimed Centre of Excellence in agricultural biotechnology and veterinary infectious diseases. VIDO is involved in the discovery and commercialization of a number of therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostic tools for the livestock industry. Thirty patents have been issued world wide and ten patents are pending in the United States alone.

Centre for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research (CMDR)
The CMDR is a multi-faculty, multi-department consortium of world class microbial diseases and immunology researchers at the University of British Columbia. Its scope encompases the molecular mechanisms of bacterial, viral, fungal and microbial parasite pathogenesis, host responses to and defenses against these agents, basic mechanisms of host immunity, and novel therapeutic and clinical approaches to the treatment of microbial and immunological diseases.

Simon Fraser University (SFU)
Bioinformatics research for this project is headed at SFU, a university in Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, BC that is noted for its interdisciplinary research, early bioinformatics research, support of open source informatics, and home of the Bugaboos Beowulf Computing cluster. SFU is also the central node of WestGrid, an 8-institution project for the development of high-performance computing and advanced visualization and collaboration in Western Canada. 

Genome Sciences Centre (GSC), BC Cancer Agency
The GSC is also a participant in the bioinformatics component of this project, under the leadership of Dr. Steven Jones. The GSC is noted for its lead role, or major role, in a number of international genomics and bioinformatics projects. 



Inimex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Inimex is an early stage biotechnology company which has identified a novel class of peptides that cause primary cells, cell lines and animals to up-regulate a variety of genes / proteins / processes that are integral to innate immunity. These compounds also selectively suppress certain pro-inflammatory responses, indicating their potential in overcoming the inflammatory response. 

The University of British Columbia has filed a broad provisional patent on these discoveries and has licensed the rights to the technology to Inimex on an exclusive worldwide basis.



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