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The Genome Canada Competition II FPMI Project has concluded. These pages will be maintained for archival purposes. For information on the Competition III Pathogenomics of Innate Immunite (PI2) Project, please visit www.pathogenomics.ca


   Protocols used within the FPMI project.

  Resources - Software developed for this project.
  For the processing and analysis of microarry data a tool called ArrayPipe
was developed, which is available for standalone usage or as a webservice:
It provides functions for data visualization, background correction,
normalization, detection of differentially expressed genes, comparison and
highlighting of gene lists, as well as a web-based spreadsheet for data

Lead developer: Karsten Hokamp
  ProbeLynx is a tool for updating the association of microarray probes to
genes. Using the latest genomic sequence information and experimentally
determined cross-hybridization cutoffs, ProbeLynx allows users to upload
microarray probe sequences to re-examine probe specificity and provide
annotation updates relevant to determining which gene(s) and
transcript(s) are associated with a given probe. ProbeLynx is available
as a web application at http://www.pathogenomics.ca/probelynx

Lead developer: Fiona Roche




2002 Functional Pathogenomics of Mucosal Immunity . . . A Genome Prairie Project